Why Join Greek Life?

A great way to make new friends and get more involved on campus is to join a sorority or fraternity. Joining Greek Life can provide many benefits to your college career and provide you with life long skills and relationships that extend beyond your educational journey. Contrary to popular belief, fraternities and sororities are not always how they are depicted in mainstream media.Though joining a greek letter organization can be a lot of fun, it’s not just about the parties and social aspects. There are a plethora of greek organization that one can join, and they are broken up into different councils and categories. There are four different Greek councils, and each is either culturally based, service based, interest or career based or social. . There are a variety of fraternities and sororities that appeal to different demographics. No matter what you’re interested in, more than likely there will be a Greek Life organization for you.

One of the types of Greek life organizations you can join are interest or career-based. For example you can join a Greek organization specifically to help you with your major, such as a co-ed Business Fraternity or a co-ed Computer Science Fraternity. Not only do you build relations with your fellow fraternity brothers, you are also able to gain skills within your major to help you with the career you want to pursue. An example of a professional fraternity is Alpha Kappa Psi. Professional Greek Life organizations help students move forward with their major while making connections with other students with the same interests.

There are also co-ed service fraternities that focus on volunteering within the community and coordinating philanthropic events. If you want to make new friends while volunteering in your community, a service fraternity might be the right organization for you. An example of a well-known service fraternity is Alpha Phi Omega.

Another branch of Greek Life are Multicultural organizations. These Fraternities and Sororities tend to focus on a certain culture or cultures in general. These organizations advocate for their ethnicities and communities and provide awareness for their respective cultures. If you’re passionate about your culture, a Multicultural Fraternity or Sorority may be a good fit for you. Some examples of these organizations are Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. or Sigma Lambda Beta.

Social fraternities and sororities are the organizations that are typically depicted in the media. These organizations focus mostly on the social aspect of Greek Life, and members of these organizations often build relations with those in other fraternities or sororities as well as philanthropy events. These types of Greek organizations may appeal to you if you want to improve your social skills and meet lots of new people.

Whether you want to improve your social skills, advocate for your culture, create more opportunities for your career, or participate in more philanthropic events, there is a Greek Life organization for you. Regardless of which Fraternity or Sorority you join, you will become part of a brotherhood or sisterhood that will last with you forever. You have the potential to make life-long relationships with your fellow brothers or sisters. Not only will you improve your interpersonal communication, you also can build your leadership skills when planning events, hosting philanthropies, or executing fundraisers. When you join Greek Life, you have many opportunities to meet new people and broaden your network, ultimately helping you in your career. The skills you learn from your organization can help build your resume as well and give you more assets that may be favorable to employers.

Additionally, Greek Life provides you with a second family. The Big and Little program promotes inclusivity within the organization, as you are provided with a “big brother” or “big sister” figure that guides you and helps you in the organization. Joining Greek Life is a great way to get involved on campus and you become a part of a family thats a home away from home. There’s no way to tell if Greek Life on campus is for you or not until you try it out for yourself!

Each greek council is different, so it is very important to do your research before joining an organization. Within the National Panhellenic Council, membership in one of these illustrious organizations is a life-long commitment. Whereas in other councils, members are most active during their undergraduate education and have the option to become an alumni post-graduation.

One very fun aspect of Greek Life is putting on events. Some common events you may be involved in are blood drives, formals, fundraisers and service events. No matter what type of event you may be coordinating, finding all the vendors and planning these events can be difficult. Luckily, College Trav specializes in planning events for college organizations, especially fraternities and sororities. We work closely with other companies to get the best prices on buses and transportation, DJs, and venues and save greek organizations lots of money and stress during planning. If you want to learn more about us or are ready to book, click the button below to get started.



By Angeli Aguirre


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