5 Tips to Make this Years Halloween the Best

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5 Tips to Make this Years Halloween the Best

Make your Halloween a little more festive with these 10 party hacks. Everyone likes a little festivity on holidays so before you hit the clubs this Halloween invite friends over for some great drinks. And if you want to switch up your weekend go to Vegas for Halloween, you can get great deals through Till Dawn!


  1. Turn your pumpkin into a keg

If you’re not huge on decorations but you want to look crafty this hack it for you. While you’re carving pumpkins this year take the time to do one extra and turn it into a mini keg. Your guests will think you have outdone yourself and you will get major creativity points.


  1. Turn your ping pong ball into an eyeball

If going out and buying a pumpkin feels like too much effort, this tick is perfect for you! All you need are some markers and a ping pong ball (I’m guessing everyone over the age of 18 has both of these somewhere in their house). Just doodle an eye onto the ball and you will have made an ordinary game festive.


  1. Give your driver some fake blood to scare your friends with

Your night will most likely be filled with a lot of drivers so why not take advantage of them? Buy some fake blood at any party store and give it to them without your friends seeing. Let them choose something funny to do with it. Not only will this be a fun distraction from their long night of driving people around but you could scare your friends in the process. It’s a win-win!


  1. Use plastic syringes to serve shots

As you can see, the easiest hacks are the best. All it takes to add a fun spin to your normal drinks are a few plastic syringes and some food dye. Make a few colors of drinks and put them into the syringes and you’ll be the life of the party. The only thing that can make this hack even better is if you dress as a doctor.


  1. Make some glow in the dark tonic water drinks

This year become known as the bar tending king or queen. Ditch the normal boring drinks and make something that will impress all your friends. All you need to do is add tonic water to your favorite drink and put some black lights up. The black lights will make the drinks glow in the dark and add a spooky feel to the rooms ambiance.


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