Do’s and Dont’s of Sorority and Fraternity Formals

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Do’s and Dont’s of Sorority and Fraternity Formals

Its almost that time of the semester and everyone is getting anxious for the upcoming formal season. maybe you’re wondering if you will get asked to a fraternity’s formal, or who you should ask to yours? and what will you wear? There are a lot of questions and panic surrounding formal, so follow these do’s and dont’s to help you have a flawless and memorable night.

DO: Take someone you know, and trust. Take someone who you know you will have fun with, and that if you want to dance all night, they will be there right beside you and not wanting to sit down on the side.

DON’T: Take some guy you barely know just because you think he would look good with you in photos. There’s too much room for error taking someone who you don’t know that well. It is a better idea to take a friend or go solo than to take the wrong person. Especially an EX, don’t take them just because you need a date

DO: Get a dress that makes you feel amazing. Formals don’t happen every weekend so it’s okay to splurge on a dress that makes you feel beautiful. (I recommend the Bebe sale section or Tobi).

DON’T: Get a dress you are uncomfortable in, or are constantly adjusting so it fits right. If you can’t dance and move around in your dress, it is a bad choice. The last thing you want to be worrying about at formal is your wardrobe.

DO: Take lots of photos. You want to remember how good you look and feel, not to mention share it with everyone else. And in a couple years you want to be able to look back and remember that memorable night

DON’T: Be on your phone all night. It’s one thing to take photos with your friends while you’re at the event, but don’t be that girls that is obsessing with her phone and posting the perfect Instagram while everyone is having fun.

And lastly,

DO: Have the time of your life

DON’T: Stress too much over one night. Yes formals can be the highlight of Greek Life, but do not let the event cause you to go into hyper stress mode. It’s definitely not worth it, and you will probably have more fun if you’re not over thinking every little detail.

-JS xx

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