Inexpensive Gift Ideas For the Holidays

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Inexpensive Gift Ideas For the Holidays

Gift shopping can be difficult, so we’re here to make it a little bit easier for you to find the affordable yet still perfect gift!

For your friend who likes to party 

More discrete Flask, This Disposable camera

For the friend who is a more sophisticated party goer

This Wine Glass, Champagne Lollipop

For the sentimental friend

These Thoughtful Pencils, This Thoughtful Book

For the friend who likes to relax

These Candles, This Full Spa Kit, This Bath Bomb

For the Funny Friend

This Snow Globe, This Dog Collar

For the Techy Friend

This Cool Mug, This cool USB Stick, These Speakers

For the Sporty Friend

This Advanced Water Bottle, This Cute Headband

These gifts are sure to at least get a laugh and a smile out of your friend! Check out all the items are there websites for even more ideas and Happy Holidays from everyone at Till Dawn Group!!

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