Nighttime Fun in OC

Music and nightlife is often associated with the idea of driving a far distance from home to have a good time. For example, Los Angeles is often given the label of being a major center of clubbing— and although this may be true, it doesn’t mean LA is the only place you can go to have fun at night! Orange County has its own collection of small venues that cater to the music needs of various crowds. One crowd that has been in demand for events and live shows is the EDM crowd. More often than not, EDM listeners often lurk on TicketMaster and StubHub hoping to find tickets for events at the Shrine, Paladium, or Club Nokia. But the Orange County clubs have a lot to offer too! Here’s a list of EDM events that are happening this July at local venues:

SUTRA OC (Newport / Costa Mesa)

The great thing about this location is that Till Dawn Group can get you on the guestlist! Be sure to contact the office to make sure you get to see the DJ’s you want at Sutra~ Always plan ahead though, this location gathers a HUGE crowd— (TDG)

THE YOST (Santa Ana)

This venue is actually considered a historic landmark! Although the exterior and interior may still have an old city feel, the music they play there is anything but vintage! The Yost offers “Havoc Thursdays”, nights dedicated to EDM music! They do offer ticket sales online and at a box office, but if you get on their mailing list you have the chance to request a spot on the guestlist!

THE OBSERVATORY OC (Santa Ana / Costa Mesa)

Previously known as The Galaxy, this location has a lot of musical history. Due to the venue’s openness to new talents and artists with ambition, it has the reputation of being “hipster”. But this should not dissuade you from checking out their diverse lineups (anything from metal to hip hop to trance)! Being a smaller building, the Observatory offers a more intimate setting where you can really FEEL the music!

Be sure to check out all the different options Orange County has to offer! It may be a different vibe than the fast paced clubs of Los Angeles or San Diego, but it will still be just as fun— if not more! So plan an night out with your friends and go big! Think of getting some fun transportation or getting on the Sutra guestlist using Till Dawn Group! Summer is too short to wait for only the big events like Hard or Mad Decent Block Party! Try something new and have a great time~ (TDG Yelp)


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