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Survival Guide to Bottle Service

Have you ever been that one person who has no idea what anyone is talking about, but you just smile and nod because you are afraid of public humiliation? A lot of people do this on the topic of bottle service. I did not realize how many people really don’t know how bottle service at the club works. There’s nothing wrong with that! I had no idea myself before I became a high roller…JK Daddy paid. Do not fret, my dearest partiers, Lady Leah is here to give you a basic rundown of how bottle service works based on some frequently asked questions:


Q: What is included in bottle service?

A:  Typically, you receive bottle(s) of the alcohol of your choice.  It is placed at a table in the VIP area of the night club you have chosen to call home for the night.  You will have juices (pineapple, cranberry, orange, etc.) and other drink accessories at your table.  You will also have a waitress that will continuously check on you to make any kind of concoction you ask for using the glorious liquids on your table.


Q:  How much is bottle service?

A:  This is the most common question I get and it is the same answer every time:  it depends.  The reason for this is because it varies based on the night club you are at, the liquor you choose, and the number of bottles you order.  For example, vodka in Vegas can start at $500.  One time,  I ordered a bottle of Ciroc in Vegas and it was $800.  At Downtown Fullerton, the bottles can be as low as $250.  You can see that the price varies by type if alcohol as well as location and venue.

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Q:  Do I need to be on the guest list?

A:  Yes, you will need to set that up with your promoter ahead of time to be on the guest list.

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Q:  Is bottle service worth it?

A:  YES YES AND  MORE YESES.  There are many reasons bottle service is worth it:

For my men readers:  this is a great way to get into a club easily and a great way to “meet” girls by inviting them to your table.  You can have the waitress make her a drink and give her a place to rest her aching feet (believe me she’s dying in those heels).  You’re also not as creepy as the guy just staring her down at the bar waiting to ask if you can buy her a drink.

Ladies:  Getting bottle service for yourself is the most empowering feeling ever.  My girls and I got a table at 1oak in Vegas and I felt like a boss lady surrounded by business men/model men tables.  You can sit down whenever you want.  You aren’t overcrowded by out of control girls spilling their drinks on you or guys trying to get at you from behind without asking permission to be glorified by your dance moves.  And you decide who can come to YOUR table.  Boss Lady Status.  No Joke.

If Bottle Service is something you are interested in, contact Till Dawn Group and we can set up some great deals for you at the best clubs in Orange County, Los Angeles, and Las Vegas.  We will make sure you have a great first, second, or fifth experience with the bottle service clique!

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Article:  How Bottle Service Works, Hip Guide


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